Funeral Costs (April 2024)

Non Attended Cremation without service From £1,600

(Direct Cremation)

Simple Funeral

The cost of a funeral can vary depending whether the funeral is to be a cremation or Burial, type of coffin, number of limousines and other services requested.

Costs of a simple funeral would be would be:-

Attending to all necessary arrangements and conducting the funeral £1,080
Simple Coffin£485
Removal of deceased to funeral home£210
Care of deceased£210
Hearse £280

Total £2,265

Please note this does not include the hire of any limousines or disbursements such as crematorium fees, burial fees, medical fees, church/celebrant fees, newspaper notices, flowers or catering.


When arranging a cremation the following costs will be incurred:-

Crematorium Fee (April 2024)

This fee is paid direct to the crematorium for carrying out the cremation, for the use of their chapel at your allocated time and for the medical referee’s fee.

Cowpen Crematorium, Blyth£920.00
Northumberland Crematorium (Felton)£975.00
Whitley Bay Crematorium£897.00
Tynemouth Crematorium£897.00
West Road Crematorium £995.00

These fees are revised annually and subject to change.

Doctor’s Fee for Cremation
(Jan 2018)
A cremation certificate is required to be completed by a medical practitioner. This fee is currently £82.00
This fee is an additional fee to the cremation fee and is set by the British Medical Association.
A funeral involving the coroner when a post mortem examination has been carried out, this fee is not applicable.


When arranging a burial costs can vary depending on whether the burial takes place in a churchyard or cemetery. Church fees vary with churchyards and will be provided on request. Cemeteries require graves to be purchased as well as the interment fee.

Purchase of Ground (April 2024)

This fee is payable for all new graves in cemeteries, however it is only paid once so does not apply to all re-opened graves.

Fee for Woodhorn Cemetery £1000.00 (Double grave)
(This is a private cemetery for the sole use of clients of A.J.Gascoigne & Son)

Fee for Northumberland County Council Cemeteries £1,191.00 (Double grave)

Interment Fee (April 2024)

This fee is charged in addition to any purchase fee required and is applicable to all adult graves.

Woodhorn Cemetery £1,100.00 (Double grave)
Northumberland County Council £1,159.00 (Double grave)
£1,079.00 (Single grave)

An additional surcharge may be applied to Northumberland County Council cemeteries for a burial on a Saturday or if the deceased was not a resident in the local area. This surcharge does not apply to Woodhorn Cemetery.
Reduced prices are applicable for a child.